2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Sunday Highlights! (Day 3)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday… the final bittersweet day of Comic-Con.  Bitter because it’s the last day to be around all things geeky and because it was the last Fringe TV panel ever, but ‘Sweet’ for my feet and the rest of my body operating on about 8 hours of sleep in 4 days.

Since this is a highlight reel, I’m sure you don;t want to listen to me blabber, so here are pics from my last and final day of the con.  Full SDCC coverage and experience blogs are coming soon, so hang tight!








  1. AnthonyClark says:

    Lovely to have met you on the train/tram on Sat night! I told you I would bookmark your site!

    •  @AnthonyClark  Great to have met you too! Thanks for checking out the site and saying hi!  Make sure to follow the community on Facebook too, there is some fun stuff posted there as well, and I’ll be giving away some great stuff from SDCC.  Hope you had fun in SD too!

    • Sorry if this has been addressed– I’m too tired to skim at this point, but 6500 isn’t an exitgeragaon by any means. Hall H, where the Twilight panel was held, holds that many people. I was there for the Heroes panel (and screening of the season premiere which was *holy frakkin shite* so good) and….wow, the people. So very many people. I was really lucky and got to slip in line with some more-punctual-than-yours=truly friends, but there were people camped out all night to get in. I’m sure it was crazier for Twilight. And with 125,000 (or more?) people at the con in total, is it really that surprising? (So. Many. People. For serious guys- just seeing that many people gathered in one place…and screaming their heads off- is really a sight to behold.) I’m feeling somewhat repetitious, so I’m off to bed. Have yet to sleep off the general amazing-ness that was Comic-Con.

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