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SDCC 2016: The Outlaw & Hot Nerd Girl Boldly Interview Jason Matthew “Cupcake” Smith of STAR TREK Fame & SHARKNADO 4’s Caroline Williams at San Diego Comic-Con


The toughest and most ripped “Cupcake” I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Beyond the cosplay, glitz and glamour of San Diego Comic-Con, there is, well… more cosplay, glitz and glamour. The actors and entertainers are out in full force every year at what I like to call Nerdi Gras, as the entertainment event still remains THE premiere pop-culture fan gathering for Hollywood to show off its high concept endeavors to its geekiest and most devoted demographic. Thus the reason many patrons attempt to glue their eye-lids open for the better part of a week is because a single blink could result in one missing an entire cast of a popular franchise streaking through downtown San Diego on a late night after-after-after party bender.

Fortunately for yours truly, being press does have its perks. Sadly, none of them include being able to propose marriage to Lauren Cohan. (She wouldn’t even have to say yes!) However, those benefits did allow Hot Nerd Girl and I to sit down and interview a couple of very talented individuals.



Who needs Lauren Cohan when you have these two lovely ladies to geek out with. Pictured here with Caroline Williams (middle) and co-interviewer Hot Nerd Girl (right).


First on our docket was none other than Jason Matthew Smith of the rebooted Star Trek movie universe. The young actor – also known as “Cupcake” thanks to the creativity of Mr. J.J. Abrams himself – has gone where no red shirt has gone before; he’s survived through three Trek films without kicking the theatrical bucket. Alas, there is a bit of an asterisk next to this achievement, but if you want to know why and find out how he got his sweet nickname from J.J., you can watch the interview directly underneath these words.


Learn the ways of red-shirt survival from “Cupcake” himself.


Our second victim, err… interviewee, was actually an out-of-the-blue last second guest whom neither Hot Nerd Girl nor myself had originally planned on chatting with. I’m not joking when I say Mr. Jason Smith (above) was literally pulled from the chair he was sitting in and replaced with another actor before I could even pause the record button on the camera. Unexpected interviews aside, we were fortunate to have been blessed by the positive energy of the lovely Caroline Williams. Williams was promoting her part in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens and also filled us in on her roles in a couple of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. Despite our lack of prep, we had a fun and lively chat about her career which can be viewed at the video below.


Caffeine? We don’t need no stinkin’ caffeine when we have Caroline Williams.


Sadly, this is the last piece of content from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 I’ll be posting until next year’s festivities. Hopefully my diffusion of stories over a three month period helped ease the grueling wait for SDCC 2017. That’s just the kind of thoughtful thing I do to help my fellow Outlaws. That, and the fact I’m lazier than Winnie the Pooh managing a honey factory.


DSC04236 (Large)

Good night San Diego! Until we geek again…





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